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1. Server Requirements

2. Email Configuration

3. How to Translate language in Worketic?

4. How to install Application on Local Server

5. How to Activate Offline Bank Payment

6. How to apply update to your existing application?

7. How to get into admin panel

8. Why email took time to arrive or not working

9. How to Enable Real Time Chat

10. How to setup CRON job in Worketic

11. How to extend front-end files

1. Server Requirements

Below are the server requirements for the laravel application's

2. Email Configuration

You need to configure the following settings in your .env file

For Gmail server you need to do the following steps

If 2 Step Verification is Enabled:

If your 2 step verification is enabled in gmail account you need to do the following steps.

If 2 Step Verification is Disabled:

3. How to Translate language in Worketic?

Translation of strings is termed as localization in laravel official documention.

You can change language according to your need in worketic by following the steps given below.

Create New Language

If your required folder not exist then you can create new language by following steps

For more information regrading translation in laravel you can consult its documention Laravel Localization

4. How to install Application on Local Server

1. Download package from codecanyon
2. Unzip the main-files and then copy the worketic folder and paste it on your local server
3. Start editing your .env file located in downloaded folder. Please make sure you have added the  
Correct database name, username and password. And copy the env file and paste into your project
3. Go to your project root level and run command > composer update
4. When composer update get completed then run this command (start server) > php artisan serve
5. Then type in your browser http://localhost:8000/install

And follow the instructions and wait while your demo is being import

Checkout Installation Video Guide:

5. How to Activate Offline Bank Payment

In offline payment mode when user purchase package or hire freelancer, he/she needs to pay in admin bank account manually, after payment user needs to submit bank slip for payment verification, then admin verify bank slip and change payment status to completed manually. In online mode payment can be made way PayPal or Stripe payment getways.

You can enable or disable online mode from admin dashboard payment setting if you disable online mode then offline bank payment mode is active


If offline bank payment is active then you need to add admin account detail for receiving payment 


Also you need to set Email Template from offline order settings


When user try to hire or purchase package then he redirect to order detail page from their he/she enter transaction detail or update bank payment slip. User can find admin account detail from sidebar in which user paid.


 After submit transaction detail admin receive email and can update order status from his dashboard


6. How to apply update to your existing application?

If you don't want to upload and replace complete application with your existing application then you need to do the following steps.

1- Before update must backup your database and all application folders and files.

2- You do not have to replace all the application folders every time. 

3- Open your website or application in a browser, login as admin then go to settings -> general settings -> Important update option and click important. This will update your database.

Note: You must backup your application and database before applying update. After updating the application replace your extend folder and custom.css file from your backup files.

7. How to get into admin panel

How to get into admin panel

There is no specific URL for the admin panel. Same panel would be used for the admin

You can login to admin account with below details, and you can change the details from admin panel as well

Password: google

8. Why email took time to arrive or not working

Why email took time to arrive or not working

1) Why email are not working

Please make sure if emails are not in spams or junks folders.

2) Why email took time to arrive

Email delay(arrival to the inbox) could be due to many reason. First of all this could be your email content. Some email providers like gmail take time to read content and decide either put it to spam or in inbox.

So your content should be strong, and don't write such kind of content which could be a suspicious.

This not related to application because when any event trigger then it send email because php functions runs.

You might check other SMTP host other than gmail, like sendgrid which give the 100% accuracy to target the inbox and send emails timely

9. How to Enable Real Time Chat


How to enable real-time chat

Please note real-time chat will only work if your server does support node.js and you are allowed to run forever commands to run server file. Mostly VPS and Dedicated servers allow you to run node server files.


First make sure that you have installed node and npm installed on your server. 

Either its shared hosting or dedicated hosting, and also make sure from your hosting provider that the port is enabled on which you have sending requests.

On shared hosting contact to your hosting provider and ask them to install node and npm, so you can easily run index.js file by writing this command node index.js from the terminal.

In case of dedicated server you have full access to install node and npm.

After verifying please ask your hosting provider to run index.js file through SSH commands

If you have not used any SSL certificate for your domain then without any problems you can run node chat server file. Just follow the below instructions.

Please ask your hosting provider to run index.js file through SSH commands, index.js file is located in (your-project > js > index.js) Please ask your hosting provider how we can setup node server file. You need to set server host and port from chat settings

Note: if you have used port other than 3001 then please update port in index.js as well.

In simple inbox system, users will get messages on page refresh while in real-time chat system users will get instant messages without refreshing the page. 

If you have used SSL certificate for you domain, then make sure that you have access to your certificate files on your cpanel.

Normally SSL certificate files could be found below path on cpanel.

To make sure that which keys and cert file have used for SSL certificate, you can find that information on Cpanel SSL/TLS

After that click on Manage SSL

After clinking on Managed SSL Sites.

Copy the name of certificate file and then go to SSL folder path. ( ssl/certs )

Download the file on you PC and then go to ssl/keys folder to download the key file.

After that go to you theme directory and create the below folder path in your theme js folder -> chat-cert folder.

if chat-cert folder is not exist then create chat-cert inside js folder and upload your downloaded key and cert file to this folder.

Now run the node server file from terminal like this node server-ssl.js

Note: Only Authorized certificates install on your domain will be recognize for your chat node server and no self-signed certificate will work on production server.

This below process is same for both situations either with SSL or without SSL.

Node JS Chat server only available or worked if terminal open, If you have mistakenly closed the terminal or logged out your session then the node chat server will be stop.

To run the node js chat app in background process install the npm process manager which is forever.

Run the below commands from your terminal.

npm install forever -g

It will install forever package globally, Note: If you have not installed forever globally then it will not work.

To start the node chat server run the following command.

forever start server-ssl.js

Do not bother the warnings it will run your application in background now.

To check which node processes are running on background enter the following command.

forever list 

(It will list down the all running processes for node js)

And to stop the node chat server enter the below command.

forever stop server-ssl.js

For your eyes only

10. How to setup CRON job in Worketic

Go to the cPanel and then click on Cron Jobs

Then Setup a Cron Job according to your needs. 

Command will look something like that

/opt/php71/bin/php -q / schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

This CRON job will execute and create the payouts history in the admin panel and then admin can export the payouts list of the selected month.


11. How to extend front-end files

You need to do the following steps for changing front-end files

If you want to change in front-end file you need create same directory structure in extend directory located in (your-project\resources\views\extend) as your file has for example 

You want to change in freelancer-show.blade.php file, freelancer-show.blade.php file located in front-end\users\freelancer-show.blade.php 

Create directory front-end\users in extend directory. if extend directory dose not exist please create extend directory in views folder.

Copy freelancer-show.blade.php file in extend\front-end\users directory you created.

Now you can change html code in this file.