Why there is no ongoing service or project on hiring

Why there is no ongoing service or project on hiring

We have used WooCommerce for the packages and hiring process and have used below the hook

  • woocommerce_payment_complete 

Once any payment arrived successfully then above WooCommerce hook trigger to and move job or service to ongoing status. If any payment gateway failed to run below WooCommerce order function on payment success then it will not move job or service to ongoing

  • $order->payment_complete()

Most payment methods use the above function to process the order.

Any gateways that default to On Hold or Pending Payment instead of Processing will not process the order against packages update or hiring.

Like any offline payment gateway like COD, Check Payment or Bank transfer will not move order to ongoing and when admin will complete the order from back-end then it will move to ongoing and freelancer balance will be updated

To make sure of this, you can try to use Stripe Credit card payments plugin, which sends the status processing and all the functions of our theme seem to be working fine.