How to translate or rename strings in theme and plugins

How to translate theme

You can use Loco translate plugin to translate theme to any language or to update/change any text in the theme and plugin.

-- Install loco translate plugin

-- Please note : For translations your WordPress should have selected same language as language created in Loco translation.

-- Please make sure you have sync the pot templates for both theme (doctreat)and plugin (doctreat_core)

-- Then create and sync the  language  templates before add your translations.

-- Go to admin > loco translate > New Language :

-- Select the new language and choose location Other folder options :

-- Please note, Due to the plugin territory  some of our theme functionality can be found in the plugin. So you need to translate the both theme and plugin(doctreat_core).

Now you can find your each string in .po template

-- Please avoid to search long strings. Long string may be in parts so start typing word by word. For example don't search "Find your NEAREST" but search by typing "Find"

-- Select string from source text and translate it on below textarea.

One thing which is more important : Please check loco translate settings. Extracting Strings should have minimum size : 1000k