User.com API integration (Optional)

User.com API integration

Please note admin can enable to disable it from Theme Settings. To get API key you can go to APP Settings > Advance Settings > Public REST API keys

This API can be used for Marketing automation. You can read more here https://user.com/en/

You can sync all the website users either Freelancer or Employers to the user.com using REST API 


1. First of you need to create account on the user.com

2. Login and create your APP. You APP will look like this link : https://your_app.user.com

3. Then go to Setup and Integration 

4. Choose Zapiar 

Choose zapier for users to sync from site to user.com for marketing 

5. Then add below fields to get data from your site. Please make sure field type and key should be same on user.com. You can create custom fields on user.com by using below keys to sync data from site to user.com

As bid_invited is key and type is string

  • bid_invited (string) 
    • Description: How many invited has been received by freelancer. It will show total counts
  • experience (string) 
    • Description: Freelancer experience if added any. It will show either Yes or No
  • freelancer_bid (string)
    • Description:
  • gallery_images (string)
    • Description: It will show gallery images count
  • is_verified (string)
    • Description:  It will show Yes or No
  • last_bid_date (datetime)
    • Description: It will show last bid date 
  • last_completed_date (datetime)
    • Description: Last completed project date
  • last_login (datetime)
    • Description: It will show last login to site 
  • posted_projects (string)
    • Description: It will show total no of posted projects
  • profile_photo (string)
    • Description: It will show profile picture link
  • url (string)
    • Description: It will show user profile link
  • user_type (string) 
    • Description: It will show user type either Employer or Freelancer