Developer Guide

Developer Guide

Filters to add or remove items from dropdown

There are no options to include new fields in the below mentioned fields from Theme Settings, however you can use filter in child theme to include new items in these fields.

- Project Type  [Filter] : workreap_filters_job_type

- Project Duration [Filter] : worktic_filters_duration_list

This will required changes at code level to add or delete items from them. We have used filter to add or remove settings 

For example if you would like to add or remove items in project level then below filter can be used to override in child theme functions.php

Projects Type

if (!function_exists('workreap_filters_job_type')) {
     add_filter('workreap_filters_job_type', 'workreap_filters_job_type', 1);
    function workreap_filters_job_type($list){
        //fw_print($list); //display all list
        unset( $list['fixed'] ); //remove 

        $list['new_item'] = esc_html__('New Job Type','workreap-child'); //add new

        return $list;

same for above other filters

Remove Payouts methods( PayPal or Bank Transfer )

function workreap_filter_payouts_lists($list){
   return $list;

Filter Employees list


function worktic_set_employees_list($list){

    $list['new_item_key'] = array( 
        'title' => esc_html__('3 Employees', 'workreap'),
         'search_title' => esc_html__('3 Employees', 'workreap'),
         'value' => 3,
    return $list;

Filter payouts list

function workreap_filter_payouts_lists($list){
   unset($list['bacs']); //remove Bank Transfer( key : bacs ) or PayPal( key : paypal )
   return $list;

Change Hourly Rate Filter

function worktic_set_hourly_rate_list($list){    
   unset($list['0-5']); //remove first item
   $list['0-7'] =  esc_html__('$5 And Below', 'workreap'); //add new item
   return $list;

Reset/Edit/Remove/Add User Menu through child theme

function workreap_filter_dashboard_menu($list){
$list_new = array();
$list_new['insights'] = $list['insights'];
$list_new['chat']   = $list['chat'];
$list_new['manage-projects'] = $list['manage-projects']; //Freelancer
$list_new['manage-jobs'] = $list['manage-jobs']; //Employer
$list_new['manage-services'] = $list['manage-services']; //Freelancer
$list_new['manage-service'] = $list['manage-service']; //Employer
$list_new['saved'] = $list['saved'];
$list_new['invoices'] = $list['invoices'];
$list_new['disputes'] = $list['disputes'];
$list_new['help'] = $list['help'];
$list_new['preview'] = $list['preview'];
$list_new['profile-settings']   = $list['profile-settings'];
$list_new['account-settings'] = $list['account-settings'];
$list_new['payouts-settings'] = $list['payouts-settings'];
$list_new['switch-account'] = $list['switch-account'];
$list_new['logout'] = $list['logout'];
return $list_new;