Social Connect[ Facebook, LinkedIn and Google ] Settings

Social Connect[ Facebook and Google ] Settings

Please enable the social logins from the Theme Settings

Please note to use Social Login you should install latest version of theme and plugin( workreap_core )

Google Settings

Add you system to google domain Add your domain to Google system! and then create your own API key You have to create and API access

Required Things : 

1. Authorized redirect URIs, Copy redirect URL from Theme settings > Social Connect > Google and add in your project

2. Client ID 3. Client secret

4. Application name( Optional )

APP Preview

Facebook Settings

Please note Facebook has changed their policy to use Facebook login, they need SSL( HTTPS ) to be active on the domain 

Register your app and get APP ID and APP Secret Create APP

Required Fields

1. Authorized redirect URIs ( Copy redirect URL from Theme Settings and add it in Facebook APP )

3. APP Secret

and then Create a product for Facebook login and then copy URL from Theme Settings and add it into Facebook Login Product Redirect URL

LinkedIn Settings

1. First of all you would have to create an APP on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/developers/secure/developer

2. Copy Client ID and Client Secret from APP Auth section  and paste into Theme Settings 

Also please add below link into OAuth 2.0 settings

Link should be like this http://yourdomain.com/?action=linkedin_login

replace http://yourdomain.com with your site URL

Now you are ready to sign in and sign up with LinkedIn